I confess, I am a dreamer and one who loves the artistry of dream catchers.  Having originated in native cultures, dream catchers, symbolize catching and  holding onto the good dreams we have.

Dream catchers are intricate and yet visually beautiful in their simplicity, whether in a handmade work of art by someone, or in the miraculous and delicate artwork of a little spider.

 I was inspired to make these dream catchers out of discarded crochet doilies, that I  found in a thrift shop.  I imagine they were lovingly made by some woman who spent hours weaving her own dreams into these beautiful, colorful mandala-like artworks.  The catchers I made, I like to believe, now hold the dreams of many, including my own……..

——————————————————————————————————————– Images: pinterest and personal




Usually I am not hesitant to show my other creative efforts, but for some reason I do battle with the critic in my head, before I can conjure up enough courage to show anyone my painting artwork!   Now that’s just plain goofy!!