While I patiently wait for Spring to arrive and show me its fresh colors and its promise of New Beginnings……I have been thinking about LIFE, (I am an introvert, and introverts think a lot….about a lot!).  Today I got thinking about our human LIFE experience being like a long winding PATHWAY.

Every one of us get to choose how we walk our pathway.   Each day that we are alive, we have the power to decide whether to be open to expanding our consciousness with regards to how we live our life, or we can choose to remain closed off to any new way of thinking or being, letting our fears run our lives.

So with all that free will to make decisions on how we are going to live our life, doesn’t it make our LIFE PATH choices, incredibly interesting, however, we choose!!

The pathway I choose, is the one where I consciously try to expand my compassion, love and understanding, not only for myself, but for others in my life.   (Once you know better, you do better.)   Practising being conscious is not necessarily an easy path, and there certainly are days, when I get ticked off at myself for falling back into bad habits and thoughts that don’t serve me well at all.  But my LIFE and PATHWAY have been criss- crossed by other people’s pathways in so many wonderfuly remarkable, blessed, interesting and surprising ways, that I honestly say,  I LOVE my life!  I wake up every morning in awe of the day, with anticipation and wonder of where the pathway will lead me…….today.


You never know what is just around the corner.

Sometimes it is so beautiful and fantastic it can take your breath away.

Sometimes along the pathway, we meet a few obstacles.

 At times the pathway feels unstable when we are unsure of ourselves.

And at times, we don’t know which way to go.

Sometimes it seems its such an uphill climb to get where we want to go.

 Sometimes we fear the unknown.

But somehow there always seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

And an inner light that guides us.

To places where peace and love reside.

And being open to a different point of view.

We can learn to cross a bridge with confidence when we come to it.

Yes, there is SO MUCH to learn and experience along our way.

 I think the purpose of our life long learning is to experience JOY and to …. 

 and to appreciate the Beauty in everyone and everything around us.

The Beauty and reward of this Life, is that the Pathway always leads…………


 I sometimes wonder if this LIFE IS BUT A DREAM, and often ponder what it would be like to really wake up from this dream!   What would I know and see then?   You see, I like to think a lot and about things like that…. do you?

And if we are all the creators of our dreams, may the dream we choose be one of love, compassion, happiness, fulfillment,  and conscious expansion.


Images from Beautiful Portals Archives



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