Recently I’ve been having fun designing colorful TRIBAL HEADDRESSES, perfect for belly dancers or anyone who has a gypsy spirit within them.  I am thinking of taking some of them in the Gypsy Queen to the next market.  




I’m finally “brave” enough to take the Gypsy Queen to a market….yes, where there are ACTUALLY, a lot of people!!!!   My girls gave me the little push I needed, by enthusiastically helping me…… drive the Gypsy Queen there, and promising to do the selling part.    They hitched Gypsy Queen to their vehicle, and off we went into town. 


006 (5)

Couldn’t have picked a more beautiful day to be there.  The Saturday Market is a huge one, with about 140 vendors.  Wow, it was just great!   So many people loved the little Boler, and the story of her renovation.  There are a lot of people who love little vintage trailers!   The most fun was watching women try on the hats and crowns…..taking pictures of themselves.   Playfulness!    

004 (4)

014 (6)

001 (2)


068 (2)

017 (8)

It felt fantastic to be in that atmosphere of happy people, enjoying the sun, the  food,  music and artisans.