I am attracted to and awed by all things wild and wonderful!  I think my art  embodies this love of enchantment and magical wonder, through the eclectic variety of art work that I love creating.  This week I have had fun, making magic wands!

The wands are made of driftwood, beach glass, crystals, glass tiles, beads and other found embellishments.  The seem to hold powers of intention!




When I started this sculpture, I didn’t have an angel figure in mind, however, she showed up when I was having difficulty deciding how to design the back of her.  I felt an urge to add wings and as soon as I did that, the rest of her effortlessly came together.

I named this piece, “CALLING ALL ANGELS”, because the song “Calling All Angels”, by Jane Siberry, kept swirling in my head while making her.  I especially love the part that goes:



Walk me through this one

don’t leave me alone.

Calling all angels,

calling all angels,

We’re tryin

we’re hopin

we’re hurtin

we’re lovin

we’re callin,

’cause we’re not sure how this goes.”




I finished my latest sculpture and am inspired to call it, “METAMORPHOSIS”.

METAMORPHOSIS, is about transformation, waking up…coming out of our deep sleep, and  our limited perceptions of who we are, and what is going on in this world.  Awakening to the realization that there is more to this world than what our 5 senses show ……remembering who we really are…..unlimited consciousness, experiencing limited consciousness… the process of waking up to TRUTH, LIGHT AND LOVE.



Today, the learning curve on creating a first blog post, hit a few snags!  But I perserver and hopefully posting pictures gets easier!   The following photos are samples of the variety of projects, that have captured my interest over the past few years.

I went deep into the creation of fused glass window hangings…covering the studio windows…… the theory being….more was better!

Made hundreds of little spirit dolls, made from driftwood, bits of fabric and embellishment…… and always with a soulful message.

Sometimes my creativity dips into paint and collage….. and always with feminine energy in mind.

 My love of glass and sparkle…… expressed in the form of what I call,                   “SPIRIT VESSELS”.

A slight obsession with crown making and mannequin head painting,   continues.

Inspired to make feminine figurative art through glass and embellishment sculptures.

May we inspire one another to live fully in our creativity… in whatever area that may be!